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Why is Succeed Beyond High School Inc. needed:

A high school diploma is not the only precursor to post-secondary enrollment, however on average high school graduates make at least 10,000 more annually than individuals who do not complete high school. In Kenosha/Racine county this is evident, as those without a high school diploma are 42% less likely to be employed (Building Our Future). Succeed Beyond High School Inc seeks to help teens figure out the next step after high school graduation. 


*By 2025, 62% of the jobs in Wisconsin will require some sort of post high school credential. 


*In Kenosha/Racine county, those without a post high school credential you are twice likely to be in poverty.


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Felicia (Harris) Dalton 


Felicia (Harris) Dalton

Felicia (Harris) Dalton was raised in Kenosha, WI and after graduating from Tremper High School she served in the active duty Air Force for 10 years as a Medical Laboratory Technician. After returning to Kenosha she completed her Bachelor’s in Social Work at Carthage College and Master’s in Social Work with a specialty in Mental Health and sup-specialty in Interprofessional Practice with At-Risk Youth at Loyola University of Chicago. After graduation she was employed at the same place she spent many happy years as a child, the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha, where she worked with at-risk teenagers. After working for with one of the most well-known youth organizations in America for three years she became employed as a school social worker at a local Kenosha elementary school. 


Our Vision:

Succeed Beyond High School Inc. will aid youth with access to college enrollment, vocational/trade opportunities, entry to the workforce or military enlistment. 


Our Mission:

At Succeed Beyond High School Inc. we assist youth with identifying options to further their educational and career goals.


Our Promise

We will achieve this by focusing and committing to:
*Being a supportive member of (y)our youth’s team as they embark on their journey.
*Developing innovative relationships throughout the community.
*Providing parents and youth with realistic feedback while focusing on opportunities instead of obstacles.

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